Did you know that Tisanes (pronounced tea-zahn), also known as Herbal Teas, are not actually teas? What is commonly referred to as an “herbal tea” is actually an infusion or decoction made from a plant other than Camellia sinensis—the plant from which true teas like green tea, black tea, oolong, etc. are made.

Tisanes are caffeine free and can be served hot or cold. Herbal teas have a long history, dating back to ancient China and Egypt, where tisanes were drunk for both enjoyment and medicinal purposes.

Tisanes may also be classified as medicinal. While many tisanes are high in antioxidants and nutrients, some have long histories of medicinal use; others are typically consumed for simple enjoyment. ” Detox teas” are a popular category of medicinal tisanes.

Glenberg’s most premium tea, Nature Classic is also a tisanes, which is also known as The Valley of Flower.

Another premium tisane concoction by Glenberg is Turmeric Spiced Tisane. It is a blend of dried turmeric with lemon peel and other spices. All in all, this is an amazing Immunity Booster.

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