Slimming Red Tea (With Garcinia)

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Glenberg's Slimming Red Tea is a blend of finest Green tea and ingredients like Garcinia that speeds up the weight loss process, Hibiscus that brings tangy flavor and red wine like texture and color to the tea and Spices like Cardamom and Cinnamon for an amazing aroma. Glenberg Slimming red Tea has some ingredients that are known for their anti-oxidizing properties which prevent bloating of stomach hence reduces weight. All ingredients used in slimming tea for weight loss are the ones that have been used in traditional ayurvedic practices for many years and are popular for their wide range of health benefits. All the ingredients used in teas are 100% natural and high quality

Key Features

  • 1.Slimming red tea helps in weight management process
  • 2.Garcinia helps reduce hunger cravings
  • 3.It also enhances metabolic rate
  • 4.Slimming tea also prevents signs of aging
  • 5.100% natural ingredients
  • 6.It is a complete detox drink