Nature Classic (Valley of Flowers)

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  • INFUSED WITH HERBS AND SPICES – Chamomile is known for its sleep inducing properties and skin related benefits which helps in relaxing the muscles and provides peace to soul. This blend does not contain any ingredient that contains caffeine in order to make sure that the consumers’ blood pressure remain in control and doesn’t cause insomnia. You will experience a twist of taste in every sip. The unique infusion of flowers such Rose, Lavendar and other herbs makes the cup look perfect on each a
  • BENEFITS - Glenberg Nature Classic has some ingredients that are known for their anti-oxidising properties which keep the gut perfect. Chamomile, Hibiscus, Rose and Lavendar comes with anti inflammatory characteristics that makes sure that the gut is in the perfect shape. All ingredients used in Glenberg Nature Classic tea are for all the people present out there who are either working or studying and due to which they lead a stressful schedule and life.
  • COST PER CUP - A cup of Glenberg Nature Classic will cost you less than Rs. 10.
  • START YOUR DAY WITH GLENBERG TEA - Kickstart your day with Nature Classic Tea mixed with boiled water to experience taste with improved health. A single tea spoon can be reused for over 2 times and experience a different taste but same health benefits in every cup.
  • GLENBERG - The mission and vision of Glenberg is to redirect this VUCA world towards a healthy culture and spread awareness about the benefits possessed by natural and herbal products that were widely used by our ancestors.