Immunity Tea

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  • DESCRIPTION- Glenberg Immunity Tea is a unique blend of green tea infused with Amla, Tulsi, Giloy, Ginger, and other ingredients to activate your body’s immune response & increase metabolism for a healthy-living experience. 2 cups in a day is all you need to boost natural immunity.
  • BENEFITS: It has some ingredients that are known for their anti-oxidising properties which prevent breeding of viruses hence improves immunity. Ginger, turmeric comes with healing characteristics. All ingredients used in Glenberg immunity boosting tea for weight loss are the ones that have been used in traditional ayurvedic practices for many years and are popular for their wide range of health benefits.
  • KEY INGREDIENTS: Giloy and Amla are ancient ayurvedic ingredients which when combined with scientifically proven tulsi helps you fight fungal, viral & bacterial infections.
  • BREW REUSE REDUCE:: Glenberg teas are reusable:; brew your tea, reuse the tea solids, reduce the cost per cup
  • ABOUT GLENBERG: The mission and vision of Glenberg is to redirect this VUCA world towards a healthy culture and spread awareness about the benefits possessed by natural and herbal products that were widely used by our grandmothers.
  • CONTENTS: 50 gm; Package Contents: 50 gm of Immunity Tea; shelf Life: 540 Days; Ingredient Type: Vegetarian
  • 100% NATURAL: All the ingredients used in teas are 100% natural and high quality. No preservatives, artificial color/flavour, alcohol, 100% Vegetarian Follows recommended standards by FSSAI and FDA.
  • BREWING INSTRUCTIONS: Infuse 1-2 gm in 250ml cup of hot water for 3 minutes for a refreshing taste.