Immune Tea (Immunity Booster)

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A sweet and minty melody that refreshes the senses with its aroma and its flavours, Glenberg immunity tea proves to be not only a taste expedition but also a perfect immunity boosting passage that leads to a strong and virus-free destination for your body.
Key Benefits: As the name suggest, the immunity tea is filled with bundles of benefits striving rigorously to deliver the exact
amount of herbs in your system required to stay immune from infectious diseases and viruses.
  • Ayurvedic medicinal plants like Giloy, Amla and Tulsi and spices like turmeric and black pepper are known to boost immunity and prevent diseases.
  • Ashwagandha mixed in the blend helps reduce anxiety and stress and helps in regulating blood sugar levels.

Preparation: Enjoy double immunity benefits of the immunity tea in the price for one as its tea leaves can be brewed twice with by reusing the tea solids left from the first brew.


  • Boil some water and warm up a teapot for better brewing experience.
  • Add the immunity tea blend in the tea pot and then add hot water.
  • Steep the all-natural ingredients of this blend for 3 minutes and watch the leaves of different herbs flourish under hot water adding freshness in the teapot.
  • Strain the tea solids and save them for reuse in the second brew. Pout the hot tea into teacups.


  • For a second preparation within the next 18 hours of the first preparation, Boil some water and warm up a teapot.
  • Add the saved tea solids from the first brew in the tea pot and then add hot water.
  • Steep the reused blend for 7 minutes and watch the leaves of add freshness in the teapot once again.
  • Drain out the tea and pour the hot tea into teacups.


AROMA: The immunity tea gives a minty cool and refreshing aroma mixed with small bouts of sweet aromatic punches in between with an overall dominance of minty freshness essence.

TASTE: The first few sips starts with a subtly sweet blended taste with a fresh and cool effect in the throat much like the effect that comes from consuming a mint candy. After a few sips, the earthly effects of herbs and spices such as giloy, amla, turmeric, etc. starts taking effect giving the essence of consuming traditional ayurvedic blends. Towards, the end a cool and sweet flavour prevails that lingers on for quite some time giving a minty after effect.

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