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  Key Features

  • INFUSED WITH HERBS AND SPICES – Almonds, and green cardamom, which are great for improving health skin and boosting energy, are important ingredients of this blend along with the green tea which infuses the freshness. This blend contains ingredient straight from the valley and gives to a feeling of being in the house boat in dal lake and sipping the tea enjoying the beautiful scenery. You will experience a twist of taste in every sip and the aroma will take you to the valley. All the ingredients used in Glenberg Teas are 100% Natural and high quality. 
  • BENEFITS – Glenberg Kashmiri Kahwa has some ingredients that are known for their anti-oxidising properties which keep the gut perfect shape. Cardamom, Clove, Ginger and Cinnamon  comes with anti inflammatory characteristics that improves digestion and builds immunity. All ingredients used in Glenberg Kashmiri Kahwa tea are for all the people who want to take some time out for themselves and want to travel to the hills and experience the local taste and culture.
  • COST PER CUP – A cup of Glenberg Kashmiri Kahwa will cost you less than Rs. 10.
  • START YOUR DAY WITH GLENBERG TEA – Kickstart your day with Kashmiri Kahwa Tea mixed with boiled water to experience taste with improved health. A single tea spoon can be reused for over 2 times and experience a different taste but same health benefits in every cup.
  • GLENBERG – The mission and vision of Glenberg is to redirect this VUCA world towards a healthy culture and spread awareness about the benefits possessed by natural and herbal products that were widely used by our ancestors.
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Description: Glenberg Kashmiri Kahwa tea is a unique beverage, which not only has health benefits but is bundled with love, culture, aroma and tradition of the heaven. It has been known to be a part of Kashmir’s cuisine since ages. Numerous health benefits include improving of digestion, burning of fat, building of immunity, improving skin health and boosting energy. Just like beauty with brains, Glenberg’s teas are taste with benefits. We do focus on infusing a lot of beneficial ingredients in our teas on one hand, on another we do make sure that the taste in every sip takes you somewhere and you are filled with positivity.


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