Green Tea Masala

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No more boring taste of green tea! Enjoy masala green tea with advanced benefits.

Glenberg’s Green Tea Masala blend enhances the taste of boring and bland green teas. Use this as directed in the instructions or mix this with your favourite Green Tea to enhance its taste and surprise you taste buds.

Apart from taste, ingredients like Jeera, Ajwain, Saunf and Green tea join hands to provide many health benefits

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  • INFUSED WITH HERBS AND SPICES – Green Tea Masala is our Grandmother’s recipe and spices that have been blended along with the green tea dust are great to keep your digestion perfect. The taste of Gren Tea Masala is out of this world. All the ingredients used in Glenberg Teas are 100% Natural and high quality.
  • BENEFITS – Glenberg Green Tea Masala is a tea coming right away from our Grand Mother’s kitchen. This not only contains numerous health benefits but also has Daadi ka pyaar infused in this. All ingredients used in Glenberg Green Tea Masala are the ones that have been used in traditional Ayurvedic practices for many years and are popular for their wide range of health benefits.
  • COST PER CUP – A cup of Glenberg Green Tea Masala will cost you less than Rs. 5.
  • START YOUR DAY WITH GLENBERG TEA – Kickstart your day with Green Tea Masala mixed with water to experience taste with health. Now no worries about acidity caused by your conventional teas.
  • GLENBERG – The mission and vision of Glenberg is to redirect this VUCA world towards a healthy culture and spread awareness about the benefits possessed by natural and herbal products that were widely used by our ancestors.






1 review for Green Tea Masala

  1. Anmol Gulati

    An amazing green tea, health benefit without compromising on taste.

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