Start your own tea business

Tea is the second most consumed drink in the world, after water, and this aromatic and fragrant drink originated in China in 2737 BC and is widely popular on this day. Depending on the oxidation, there are many types of teas such as oolong, green, yellow and black.

Glenberg gives you an opportunity to start your own tea business. We have years of experience in handling tea and related products. We can be your one stop solution for all your private label tea requirements. We support Tea businesses and brands with Private Label Tea Packaging Service. 

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Increased demand for private label tea

Private label tea is rapidly growing with popularity in recent decades and it only continues to better the quality, taste, improve value and captivate the consumers. It is not surprising that private label is on the rise because it manages to capitalize on the best-in-class flavors, maintain consistency and fulfill customer expectations when it comes to convenience, right value and quality. 

Private labeling of tea

Private label offers many advantages such as the reduce or even eliminated start up costs, lead times and research and development investment. Tea revenues will be immediate and it will help focus on building and marketing your own brand which will ultimately help differentiate your business and bring it on the market. Because tea is so widely consumed and has many health benefits it is a natural choice for companies to promote it, the market has many great opportunities with substantial profits. Private label provides a choice in blends, manages taste, packaging, label design, price, distribution and will translate your ideas into commercial product success. Private label tea market ensures the trust of their consumers by offering them something completely unique and different in which they have full control.