Chai and Rusk, Partner with us!

Glenberg has established itself as a premium member of the tea market. Tea connoisseurs have been talking and spreading the word about Glenberg for quite a time now, which in-turn has helped us grow leaps and bounds. Started by few enthusiastic chaps, Glenberg is also offering partnership solutions to people who are willing to go an extra mile. Scroll down to know more about various partnership solutions we are offering.

Affiliate Marketing Program

Join hands with one of the finest tea manufacturers and earn attractive commissions. Make your account with us, spread the word and drive traffic to our website through your exclusive link, and earn high commissions. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE


Surprise and delight your guests, loved ones with assorted premium teas and tisanes customisable gift packs by Glenberg. We have brilliant and out of the box gifting options, also we are open to ideas and can customize and personalize your gift boxes. Be it a wedding or a corporate event we have options for every occasion.

Café’ and Restaurants

People are loving our blends and that’s what make them go back to their favourite café or restaurant that serves Glenberg teas. If you wish to have Glenberg teas on your menu, we can do it for you!

In-room tea placement (welcome favour)

Variety of teas or tisanes as liked by your guests. You could make them pick any flavours of their choice. Be it Assam tea for a perfect morning, Detoxing teas for a soothing evening or a floral tisane right before the bed for comfortable sleep. Perfect blends are the experience enhancers.

Glenberg Tea Salon

Looking forward to opening your own tea salon? Partner with us and we shall do it for you. Chai and bun maska sells like hotcakes and a chai salon at the right place is a golden egg laying hen.


You believe in yourself? Got the right contacts? Can you sell stuff? Come partner with us and we shall provide you with Glenberg Teas at a great rate. Great opportunity to make some good profits out of this mutual relation.