Why affiliate with Glenberg?

Being a group of young individuals ourselves who are trying to make an impact by spreading traditional Indian tea concoctions across the world, we understand the responsibility and commitment you hold towards your followers / subscribers to influence them with only positive and quality content. We respect the relationship you share with your followers and we wish to strengthen this relationship through an affiliate partnership as part of which we need your assistance in providing high quality and premium tea products recommendations offering exclusive discount options to your followers while we assist you in earning substantial commissions, gifts and discounts on each sale in return. We acknowledge that all good things comes with experience and a price and we aim to earn a spot on your social media posts by happily sending  you free samplers so that you experience the Glenberg quality before you affiliate with us and recommend our products.

Who can affiliate with Glenberg?

We welcome all micro, macro and mega influencers with a minimum of 2k followers / subscriber to affiliate with us and earn exciting commissions, discounts and free gifts.

Benefits of affiliating with Glenberg

  • Earn upto 20% commission for each sale generated through the referral code or link posted by you.
  • Enhance the trust factor with your followers by recommending premium all-natural teas filled with numerous health and immunity benefits and 0% preservatives.
  • Free samplers for you to experience the Glenberg magic and explore our product range and send out recommendations accordingly.
  • Free gifts such as temperature-controlled flasks, infusers, sieves, gift boxes and much more for every 10th customer sale through your referral code / link.





    Additional Information for Affiliate Partnership

    • Your followers / subscribers will enjoy discounts upto 30 % on our products using your referral codes / links.
    • Referral codes / links will be valid till 3 months from the date of generation. Please note that you can unlock only 2 referral codes / links from the list available at any given time. 
    • We keep adding new referral codes / links depending on the festive season’s special discounts or occasional offers. So please keep a lookout for new referral codes / links in order maximise your profits.
    • We wish to establish a long term and mutually beneficial relationship with our affiliate influencers. For more details on the affiliate partnership, kindly register with us or contact us at