About us


Glenberg is a one stop destination for the end to end traditional Indian tea experience. It has been carefully crafted and nurtured by a group of highly passionate individuals who share a common commitment towards providing high quality tea products to our customers. Our speciality teas come from our native land - India, where Tea is not only a part of our culture but a part of our tradition. Planted firmly within the depths of the Indian civilisation, we take pride in inheriting the customary traits and mannerisms of the tea tradition from our ancestors. Our products are inspired by one of our founding member’s beloved grandmother whose tea blends were filled with love and immense care towards the health of her children. Her unique blends combined the wealth of knowledge acquired from her own ancestors on the benefits of Indian herb mixtures along with a lifetime of experience acquired from experimenting with different tea flavours and how they blend in together. Her tea recipes depict the flavours of our rich and traditional culture along with her undying love for tea which stays alive today in the hearts of Glenberg’s founding members as well. Holding these roots beneath our foundation, we aim to spread grandma’s recipes across the world by serving love and health care benefits in each cup.


For most, it’s just a cup of tea. But, for us it’s a morning motivation, a daily routine and a valuable emotion. Our cups are filled with enthusiasm, love and relaxation that can set you in a soothing state of mind at any hour of the day. It’s not just about satisfying your taste-buds, it’s about experiencing the entire process of preparing the cup that satisfies the five senses to the core. We believe in the power of refreshing energy a cup of tea can deliver which can only be generated through handpicked finest teas that are 100% natural, pure and organic with 0% preservatives. As a group of young individuals, we understand the modern world needs to grasp a few moments of relaxation in the form of a tea break from the usual fast paced daily routine. We also understand how the taste buds and drinking patterns have evolved through time and how the authentic freshness of premium quality teas can largely enhance the relaxation experience in those tea breaks leaving you fresh, energised and even more focussed as you return to the dynamics of your fast paced routine. We aim to cater to these needs while striving to keep our tea tradition alive and spread our ancestral recipes. This crossroad of traditional spices mixed with the refinement of modern touches can be experienced in our products that provide Ayurvedic benefits along with relaxing and detoxifying capabilities. The detailed step by step process of how we get our fresh and herbal blends is:

  • We get the world’s finest teas from our associate tea estates in Assam and Darjeeling. We get herbs and spices from our partner farmers, who cultivates residue free crops and are based out of Kerala (God’s own country). We also get some best quality ingredients from Himachal Pradesh. 
  • After sourcing ingredients from various parts of the country, we prepare blends with help of our team of 20 tea sommeliers. 
  • Based on inputs we receive from our team; we enhance our concoctions and prepare fresh small batches for our customers to experience the magic of Glenberg.


Our Vision

Our vision is to redirect the world towards a healthy and nourishing future. Glenberg inspiration is led by grandma’s recipes and the following life teaching she blessed us with: 

“The key to a long and healthy life can be found in nature’s lap”.

We follow this lesson to the core and aspire to view a world that understands the importance of incorporating herbal products in our daily routine. 

Our Mission

Our ultimate objective is to keep the coming generations immune from any diseases and spread awareness about the benefits of herbs and spices mentioned in the Vedas. These ingredients are deeply rooted in our culture and possess a wealth of healing and curing powers. Our initiative can be found through our product line that comes under the beverage section of FMCG.