About Us

Mission and Vision

The mission and vision of Glenberg is to redirect this VUCA world towards a healthy culture and spread awareness about the benefits possessed by natural and herbal products that were widely used by our grandmothers.

Who we are ?

We are Glenberg, a bunch of highly motivated and enthusiastic chaps, who have stepped in the organic and natural segment of FMCG. Glenberg inspires the people about good health and wellbeing through our diverse product line. Glenberg primarily happens to be in the beverage domain, teas, and green teas to be precise.

Why Glenberg?

Glenberg’s products are 100% natural, pure and organic there are 0% preservatives in our products. Importantly in today’s fast and hasty world nobody has time to keep up with the pace of life and hence health and immunity issues are rising exponentially. Primarily, all of our products have no negative impact on the human body. If we talk about the positive ones, most of our products come with anti-inflammatory properties that keep the gut happy. Over that our products have relaxing, detoxing and slimming capabilities.

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